In school we are continuing to make plans for the next half term and trying to get even more of a link between those of us in school and those learning at home. We are excited to be able to offer all our children who are learning at home the chance to have a weekly live 15 or 20 minute ZOOM catch up with the staff and children who are in school within their year group, after the half term holiday.

The joining codes and links will be sent to parents by text for their child's meetings the evening before the Zoom session, and on the day too! In order to enable us to have a good level of safeguarding around this, if you give your child the codes from the text to your phone, you are giving consent for your child to join in the live meeting. Please note, we will not be sharing these codes over DOJO so that children are not able to access the meeting independently.  
We also ask that an adult is around whilst the meetings are taking place, and ask that they give a 'wave' to the teacher when asked, just to let us know that your child has permission to be on the video call with their teachers and their friends.

There are more details in the Zoom code of conduct and consent document, which have been shared to parents. 

Here are the days and times for each year group:
Nursery Thursday 2:00pm
Reception Monday 2:15pm
Year 1 Thursday 2:00pm
Year 2 Wednesday 2:00pm
Year 3 Wednesday 2:00pm
Year 4 Tuesdays 2.30pm
Year 5 Wednesdays 2:30pm
Year 6 Monday 10.30am

We would love your child to be able to join in - but please don't worry if they aren't able to for one reason or another.