Our Rapid Recall booklets for each year group have been posted on your child's class web site page. They are full of activities, ideas, vocabulary and websites to support your child's targets.
Please use them to practise maths rapid recall skills of important facts at home. Try and REMEMBER them too! 

Nursery: Knowledge of shapes:
sphere, cylinder, cube, cuboid, pyramid

Reception: to explore numbers 6 to 10.
To know number bonds up to 10.

Year 1: Count on and back in 2s from any given number

Year 2: Know all doubles to 15 and halves of all numbers to 30

Year 3: Know all doubles and halves of:
Numbers to 20
Multiples of 5 to 100
Multiples of 50 to 500

Year 4: Know the doubles and halves of:
Numbers to 50
Multiples of 10 to 500
Multiples of 100 to 500

Year 5: Know the doubles and halves of:
Numbers 1 to 100
Multiples of 10 to 1000
Multiples of 100 to 10,000

Year 6: To multiply and divide whole and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000