In Year 2 for our PSHE topic ‘Altogether Now’ we looked at what we can do to show that we belong to our community as well as how we can help.
As a year group we have decided to promote a walk to school week. This is going to be next week on Monday 8th- Friday 12th November.

We wanted to do this to help with climate change as well as walking to keep us healthy. Our main aim is keeping us safe when coming into and out of school. We have noticed that there are too many cars coming around Derby square which can be dangerous for us and our families.

The children have worked hard making posters and we have some resources from Lancashire County Council to help us to promote our walk to school week. You might give walking a go every day next week or even parts of the week. You might even park your car on another street and walk.

We look forward to seeing you helping us with our walk to school week next week. We will be coming around to check and take some photos of families walking to school!

Thank you for your help and support,
Year 2 :)