We have worked as a school on developing our Vision Statement which helps us to be clear about our focus as a school and what we want to achieve as a school family.

Our Vision is rooted in the Bible, specifically Jesus' Sermon on the Mount which is sometimes known as 'The Beatitudes.' (Matthew Chapter 5 verses 1-12).

In this passage, Jesus frequently refers to people being blessed even when their circumstances look like things are not going well.  Our desire for our children is that they can progress academically as well as have really positive emotional and spiritual development which enables them to lead fulfilling lives and to be beacons of light in their local communities.

Our Vision is summed up as follows: we want all our school family to "Be blessed by God, be happy and aspire to be..."

As part of the work we have done in sharing our vision, we invited our Parents & Carers into school to hear about the process we have gone through and to hear what else we could consider.

We asked our guests to consider three questions:

What does be "Blessed by God" mean to you?

What does "be happy" mean to you?

What do you "aspire to be"?

We had a wonderful time of conversation as you can see from the pictures below.

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