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10 September 2018

Zubeyda, Y6

In our classes we have learnt about how you can trust someone and how easy it is to lose trust. We have created some trust poems and in P.E we have been learning in gymnastics about holding each other’s hands and leaning backwards. We relied on the other person to hold our body weight so we...

10 September 2018

Ameesha, Year 4

"In RE we have been learning about authority. There are many  people who have authority for example like policemen, teachers and head teachers. There are many more people who have authority. Jesus has a special authority named divine authority because he is the son of God. Jesus has sho...

10 September 2018

Hassan, Year 6

In RE we have been doing about the Passover when Moses escaped from Egypt with the other slaves. We also learnt about the special meal that Jewish people eat on a special night when the sun sets. We also ate the special foods like Matzos and grape juice. It tasted like dry bread. We learnt about ...

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