SPORTS FUNDING – 2019/2020.

We understand the importance of physical activity and sport to the overall well-being of every child and are committed to raising participation rates and achievement for all our children. To help with these aims, we have ensured that our sports premium will:

  • benefit all children regardless of sporting ability.
  • ensure that children are given the opportunity to participate in different types of sports including OAA  
  • ensure staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development.


With the above rationale in mind, we have used our Sports Premium funding to:

  • Employ a qualified sport coach to work alongside our staff to support teachers in their teaching of PE. This investment in the professional development of staff at our school is to ensure that they are best equipped to teach high quality Physical Education and school sport for years to come. Many of these coaching skills can be transferred into other sports.
  • Support low income families with the opportunity for their child to attend a week’s residential trip.
  • To promote both physical and mental well-being by taking part in YOGA sessions delivered by a qualified teacher.
  • Provide various after school sporting clubs for all aged children.
  • To provide all children with a quality Outdoor Education experience by Hothersall Lodge from Y1 -Y6 either in school or at Hothersall Lodge.
  • To invest in quality equipment so staff can deliver quality lessons.
  • To raise children’s level of fitness by focused activity




What has been the Impact?

The school evaluate the impact of the sports premium funding as part of our normal self-evaluation and provision mapping arrangements. Systems are in place to monitor the spending plan to ensure the children get the best possible experiences to ensure they have access to high quality PE sessions both in and out of school.

Participation in sporting clubs continues to rise year on year with all clubs increasing their attendance by 50% this academic year.

Staff development continues to focus highly with some of this funding. All teachers have received support within their PE sessions from our qualified sports- coach.

The focus on fitness at the beginning of the academic year was very successful. Children were engaged with the idea of improving their fitness and the self-recording part of the lessons really encouraged children to work to their maximum capacity. This raised the profile of fitness and a healthy lifestyle throughout the school.

In addition to this, our coach runs lunch time sporting activities for both Key Stages ensuring access for all. Children’s activity levels have been raised due to the fact more children are accessing the provision at lunch times and after school.

Yoga has had a positive impact on the children’s readiness to learn as well as linking heart and mind. All feedback from children has been positive. Y6 children were offered YOGA sessions SATs week to help them focus.

The Outdoor education provided by Hothersall Lodge, in school, gave Y2 -Y5 the opportunity to experience activities that a normal PE lesson could not provide. This has been planned to be a rolling programme so all children will gain different experiences culminating in a 3-day residential trip.


The Future

At St Matthew’s we are committed to ensuring our children have a variety of sporting experiences. With this in mind we will run a Team Building week at the beginning of the autumn term which will be run by Hothersall Lodge building on the children’s experiences from last academic year.

Yoga will be introduced in Autumn term as part of the curriculum and be delivered by our qualified teacher. This decision was driven by Pupil Voice.

Dance will be delivered in the Spring term by a qualified teacher.


We will also focus more on competitive sport with local schools by endeavouring to set up a small, competitive games.

Sports Premium

To find out more about the Sports Premium please click on the link below:

UK Government website

PE and sport premium for primary schools.


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