Collective Worship

At St. Matthew’s we join in collective worship every day to explore our key values and how we can live them out in our daily lives. Please visit our school Christian values page to find out what they are. 
This year has been very different and many of our daily worship sessions have been recorded or been shared live on Zoom. Our Monday’s worship is presented by Mr. Mackley following the ‘Roots and Fruits’ syllabus. On Tuesday, each class hold their own worship in which they reflect on given questions/values in their class RE scrapbook. On Wednesday, our worship is led by Mrs. Walton.  These are linked to our value for that half term. On Thursday, worship is led by either our Vicar  Rev. Alistair or the Curate Rev. Dan of St Matthew’s church, or by our friends at ‘Open the Book’.  They provide us with wonderful renditions of our favourite parables and Bible Stories. Finally, on Friday we gather together to celebrate the wonderful work that the children have been doing that week. This includes the values award which is given to a child in each class for living out our school values that week. 
Within our worship we ask children to reflect on the message which has been shared and they may post a response on the school website & Youtube video, or by adding a ‘Yellow Ribbon’ to the Reflection Tree in the school hall. 

Here at St. Matthew's we have started to introduce the idea of prayer spaces. Each half term the different year groups have been creating their own prayer space based on different themes linked to our school values. If you visit the school feel free to take a look and try out our new areas. We are very proud of them!

Our St. Matthew's family have visited St. Matthew's church to celebrate the Harvest Festival. We had a wonderful time and would like to thank all our families for their kindness and generosity.

This year we have chosen to help the local Preston food banks and the Mosamaria Trust which is Bishop Phillip's Appeal. Our families have donated a huge amount of food to help local families who are in need and also brought in donations of money to send to help the trust in South Africa. 

Our 'Pound and a Packet' appeal has been a huge success and we are so grateful for the support of our families. Here are just a selection of pictures from a wonderful service in Church!

I had the pleasure of taking Olga and Gabi of year 5 to a pupil’s RE conference in which many schools from the Diocese attended. The children gathered ideas on how to lead some worship in school, how it could be planned and themes that could be used. We also enjoyed learning some new songs and joining in lots of exciting activities. The girls left the conference full of ideas to share with Mr. Mackley! 

Our Class Prayers

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Watch 5R reading their prayer