2023 Academy Results 

Information regarding 2023 Academy results can be found by following this link to the school and college performance data government webpages.  https://www.gov.uk/school-performance-tables


2023 Academy Results  - a snapshot 


Year 6 data (end of Key Stage 2) can be found using the link above but here are the headlines:

Progress in reading, writing and maths were all in the average range and above 0. 

Readng -1.8  National progress was +0.04

   Writing -1.8 National progress was +0.04

 Maths -1 National progress was +0.04



In Year 4, all children undertake an on-line Multiplication Check. In the 2022-23 cohort 34/57 scored 20 or more and 15/57 scored the full 25 marks!