16th April 2020

We have FINALLY managed to get through to Edenred this morning (after spending 2 1/2 hours on hold on the telephone and have been assured that we should have the vouchers for those without email addresses here at school by tomorrow. As soon as we have them we will be in touch, please do not contact us to ask if we have them yet. 

Our apologies for the delay on this, it is out of our control but Mrs Jordan and I between us have been working to get these vouchers sent through.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

M Mackley

UPDATE part 2! 14th April 2020

We believe that those who submitted an email address should have received their vouchers for last week via email today.  Those who were not able to do so and are waiting for the vouchers from us, we have processed all that we have to do and are now waiting for them to arrive via email. Once they have arrived we will be in touch.

Thank you for your patience, this is a situation out of our control but rest assured, as soon as we have them we will be in touch.

M Mackley

UPDATE - 14th April 2020

We are still waiting for the voucher site to be sorted as we are not yet able to access the vouchers to get them processed.  We have been checking all weekend and the website still shows the following:

As soon as we have any information we will be in touch.

Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

The voucher scheme has been launched and will work as follows.

Those who gave us an email address by 2nd April, will receive their voucher via that address and will need to follow the instructions on the email to activate the voucher.

Those who didn't, we will receive the codes here at school and will have to activate each individual one and ask you to come and collect them.

The vouchers are not valid or activated until week beginning the 20th April as there is no Free School Meal provision during published school holiday periods. This is not our rule so please do not challenge us on this, we are merely implementing the scheme.

If you have given an email address since the 2nd April, you will be added to the email distribution from the following week.  Looking at the scheme, wherever possible sending the voucher by email is the most convenient way for you as you will be able to choose from the available supermarket list. The ones we distribute from here will have to be nominated by us and will be Morrisons.

If you wish to know more, click on the document below which are the frequently asked questions from the Government.

Coronavirus: FSM Vouchers

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