20 May

Pentecost 2024

The final worship for this half term is led by our Worship Group.

Last Sunday, was Pentecost Sunday for the Western Christian Church; an important day where Christians remember God sending His gift of the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised his followers He would.


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13 May

Dealing with stress...

This week's worship is thinking about the stress we can find ourselves under when facing tests like our Y6 children are or when we are facede with something which we can't do.

We will learn that it is okay to make mistakes and that it is important to share our worries with someone we trust and…

29 Apr

After Easter, what next..?

This week in my worship, we are looking at the events after the resurrection and consider what it must have been like for the disciples and other followers as they considered the question "What next?"

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22 Apr

Read all about it - St Mark

This week's worship is looking at St Mark whose feast day is this week, on the 25th April.

15 Apr

The importance of following instructions

This half term, our behaviour focus is on following instructions.

This short worship from Mr Mackley, helps us to understand a little about the importance of following instructions and shares with us what each phase in school will be focusing on this half term.

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25 Mar

The Senator - the Sudanese senator who made a splash...

This is the final instalment of our Whistlestop Tales this term - we haven't managed to hear all of the stories but maybe you would like to find out for yourself the others which you haven't heard...

Our story this week is all about a very important Senator from the country of Sudan who had a…

18 Mar

Lydia - the tale of the Groundbreaking Greek who meant business

This week's worship returns us to Whistlestop Tales, learning more about some of the people in the Bible and becoming more aware of where they came from too.

Lydia was a woman who seemingly had it all, but there was something missing in her life and then two men appeared at the women's prayer…

11 Mar

Lent & Ramadan - a time of fasting and preparation

This week in my worship I am considering the importance of Lent and Ramadan for the people who observe those times. Christians are almost half way through Lent as Muslims have just begun Ramadan.  For both faiths, this is a holy time of self sacrifce and preparation as they look ahead to important…

4 Mar

World Book Day preparation 2024

It is World Book Day this Thursday and to help us look towards that, my worship today is starting us thinking about how stories take us to amazing places in our imagincation and that we can all be story writers.


26 Feb

Esther - the tale of the Iranian girl who wished her life away

Welcome to the latest in my series of tales from this wonderfiul book which retells well known Bible stories and places the characters in the actual countries they were from. I hope you have enjoyed them, it has been fascinating for me to learn something new about each of the characters, not least…

5 Feb

The Centurion - the tale of an Italian invader who fought an unexpected battle...

This week's worship tale is set in the time of Jesus and is about a rather grumpy centurion who was very used to giving orders and bosssing people around. He had to learn a very important lesson in humility...

22 Jan

Ruth - the giant hearted Jordanian who went the extra mile

This week's worship is another story from Whistlestop Tales.

It is one of my favourites that tells the tale of Ruth who was a Moabite from the land we now know as Jordan who gave up everything to help a Jewish widow, a race and faith completely different to her own.

She was a woman prepared…