I have been Headteacher of this lovely school for almost two terms now and have been made to feel incredibly welcome.  St Matthew's is a great place to be and I am really excited to have the privilege of leading this school on it's journey to becoming recognised not only as a good school by Ofsted but, more importantly, being of even greater value to the families and community we serve.

I have been working with the school's Governors and Staff on developing a vision statement to set out what it is we want to achieve as a school.  As a school founded by the church and established on Christian Values we have looked to the words of Jesus to help us define this.

We have taken the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount, more commonly known as 'The Beatitudes' which can be found here (Matthew 5:1-12) as our inspiration. As a staff we are passionate about giving our children the best opportunities in life and Jesus' words helped us to sum up our vision for the children as follows: we want them to "Be blessed by God, be happy and aspire to be..."  We are working with the children on this and what it means and will be asking them to give us feedback and let us know if they think we have got it right. As a short word of explanation, we have left the aspiration open ended as we believe it is for the children to determine what they aspire to be in life, our role is to give them the tools and to support the development of a desire to learn that will help them achieve their aspirations.

Your opinion matters too, so please do get in touch to let us know what you think.

The full draft vision statement is as follows:

Inspired by Jesus’ words ( Matthew 5: 1-12), we strive to promote academic, emotional and spiritual  growth in a Christian environment for all members of our school family; in the knowledge that we can all ‘Be blessed by God, be happy and aspire to be…’

Very shortly our School Ethos Group will be getting in touch to invite you to come into school to hear more about our Vision for our school and how you can help us achieve it.

Warmest regards,

M Mackley