4 May

Thoughtfulness 4 - Random Acts of Kindness - Wednesday Worship 5th May

In the fourth in our series on our school value, we think about how we can be practical in our kindness.  We are challenged to choose at least 3 people we can show kindness to over the next week, and how we should expect nothing in return.  We are asked to choose 3 practical acts we can do for…

28 Apr

The Bible Story 2 - Creation

This week Rev Alistair is continuing God's Story by reminding us of the story of Creation and how Adam and Eve made some pretty big mistakes but also that God loves us all, very much.

Please leave a comment to let us know how the worship has made you think.

27 Apr

Thoughtfulness 3 - Be Kind - Wednesday Worship 27th April

In this worship we hear the story about a girl who spills her juice, the responses of the children around her, and what effect that has on her.  One of those children tries her best to be kind in her actions, and starts to think about how being kind could really change the world, bit by…

25 Apr

Service 2 - Giving as well as receiving

In this second week of considering the vale of service we are thinking about how serving others can bring unexpected and surprising benefits to the person who serves and gives.

Our story is from 1 Kings 17: 7-16 and tells us of when Elijah met a widow who had virtually nothing left in the…

22 Apr

The Bible Story 1, beginnings

This term, Rev Alistair and Rev McHaffie are looking at the Bible Story, helping us see how it is telling us of God's love for us.


Rev Dan is starting us off by looking at 'beginnings'.

21 Apr

Thoughtfulness 2 - Colour our World with Kindness - Wednesday worship 21st April

In the 2nd of the series on our School Value - Thoughtfulness. We watch a story which shows how one small act of kindness can add colour and be passed along, to brighten so many people's worlds.


What can YOU do as a small act of kindness and help to add 'brightness and colour' to our…

19 Apr

Service 1 - Using our talents to serve others

Hello and welcome to the new worship value for this half term.

We are thinking about the value of service, how we can serve others and make their lives better.  Today we are thinking about how we can use the many different talents that we have to serve others, especially putting others and…

15 Apr

Rev Alistair - A tree is known by its fruit

Rev Alistair concludes his worships looking at the words of Jesus.

This week's worship is "A tree is known by its fruit".

14 Apr

Thoughtfulness 1 - What is it? How can we show it? Wednesday Worship 15th April

As we start to reflect on our school value for this half term, we start to think about what thoughtfulness means?  What does is look like and how can we show this value to others around us at home and school?   We hear some words from Mother Teresa, explaining how being thoughtful, will help us to…

12 Apr

Justice 6 - Easter, God is stronger than evil

Even though the festival of Easter has been and gone, it is important that we reflect on it and what it means for Christians around the world.  This is the last in our worships considering the value of Justice and considers the treatment of Jesus by the Jewish leaders and the Romans to see if it…

24 Mar

Community 5 - Who is my neighbour? Wednesday worship 24th March

In the last of our series thinking about the school value of Community, we reflect on the commandment of Jesus to love our neighbour as ourselves and we explore the question 'Who is my neighbour?' Is it someone next door?  In our school? In our town?  In our world?  We watch the parable of…

22 Mar

Justice 5 - Keeping God's Rules

This is the last in the series of worships this half term looking at the value of justice.

I hope you have learnt a lot more about the word and what it means in our daily lives.

Today we learn about the importance of following rules to help us live lives that are just.