Isn't life strange?

Image of Isn't life strange?

Hasn't 2020 been just a little bit strange?  9 months ago, if you walked in to a shop with a mask on, they would have called security.  Now if you walk in without a mask, they might well call security!

We have all been adapting to these strange times and getting used to a new way of doing…

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Signs of Hope

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Mrs Walton's worship for this week.

This week she is asking to think about Signs of Hope.

Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Thanking God for people who help us

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Hope for the year ahead

Image of Hope for the year ahead

An act of worship focusing on a fresh start and our hopes for the year ahead.

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Everything changes except God.

Image of Everything changes except God.

This week's worship from Mr Mackley carries on from last week and reminds us that whatever changes in our lives, God never changes.

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Making Good Choices!

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Hello everyone!

This is an assembly for each class to have a look at and watch together.  In it there are reminders of our '6 Golden Rules' as well as some helpful hints on how to be a good listener.

In all of this, we want you to make good choices so that you can be ready to learn and be…

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A bigger picture...

Image of A bigger picture...

Welcome to this week's worship.


Too often we can all feel a little unimportant because we don't have a really important role to play; we forget that everything that everyone does helps make life better for each other. Last week we thought about how smiles can bring peace and this week we…

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Smiles can make a difference!

Image of Smiles can make a difference!

As we have begun the wider opening of our school and are beginning the process of reconnecting with each other, this is a short worship which was shared with the children in school last week which you are welcome to share together in your own homes.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Mr Mackley

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HT Blog - 19th June 2020

Image of HT Blog - 19th June 2020

Hello again everybody, it's been a while since my last blog post and my apologies for this - we have been incredibly busy behind the scenes making sense of the guidelines for a wider opening of schools and how to apply them to our very challenging building and outdoor space.

I know that many of…

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Video message from Mr Mackley

Image of Video message from Mr Mackley

A video message from Mr Mackley on plans for a wider opening of school.

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Well, I did say things were changing rapidly!

This evening schools received the following information from Lancashire County Council.

COVID19 Bulletin 27 May 2020

Advice to schools on reopening to more pupils


Lancashire County Council is advising schools in the county not…

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Important update from Mr Mackley

Image of Important update from Mr Mackley

Hello again everyone, in response to questions that have come from some people, I am giving a further update on our plans for a wider opening of school.

In my last blog post I indicated that we were working towards a possible date of 8th June; we are now looking at the possibility of week…

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